My personal Tips for weight that loss I used.
Once you understand how the body works then its easy to DO what is right for you. Basically if you are carrying a lot of fat then it means you have a lot of STORED ENERGY. To get rid of this energy…

A true story about depression written by Alister Fuller.

“How do you turn a Ronny into a Robb?”

When I was growing up, I heard a lot about "Mental cases" or "Mad man" or in the town where I grew up we called these people "gone case" or "two…

by Alister Fuller

I am a bus driver from Melbourne. I used to do public transport before and on one trip, I remember well, I had these two teenage girls get into my bus. One of them had a big smile and my motto is simple, if you smile at me, then you…

By Alister Fuller

Let's face it if you want to live a long and fulfilling life you need to stay healthy, be healthy, live healthy. As you get older, for someone like me at 57 years old, right now, you start to realise that all the…

The disturbed man at Melbourne Central

By Alister Fuller

As a bus driver some stories are more profound than others. Some stories, when the passenger gets off my bus I have to literally stop the bus take a deep breath and just go through what has just taken place. Hair…

Airport Bus driver story.

By Alister Fuller

In my previous job I did public transport. We do get to interact with people from different walks of life and socio economic backgrounds. So you do get many opportunities to help people in more ways than just taking them from A to…


By Alister Fuller

Dt. 2nd January 2018.

As a bus driver in Melbourne I get to experience these unique situations and encounters with some amazing people. This is one such true story.

I pulled up at the last stop at Ringwood station and waited…


we cannot change the world but we can surely help one or two people.

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